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Ham d.o.o.
Gerbičeva ulica 102

telephone: +386 1 242 08 70 (Sabina)
gsm: +386 51 677 810
fax: +386 1 242 08 77
e-mail: info@spinalis.net

Matična številka: 5376491
Srg.: 98/01465
Šifra dejavnosti: 36.110
Davčna številka: 70000891
Transakcijski račun: 02053-0016124594
Okrožno sodišče v Ljubljani vl. št. 1/07100/00
Osnovni kapital : 8.810,00 EUR

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Take part in retail sale of an innovative product, which makes it possible for its end users to sit in a healthy and active way! SpinaliS is a family business with dedicated staff, who are distinguished by their kindness, integrity and thoroughness.


Since I am an aesthete and at the same time I am swearing on quality and comfort, I chose the SpinaliS Navigator which impressed me while testing it in the showroom. It is really different from the others I've tried in stores.

Maja Ferme

Maja Ferme